Databank Help


Most of the search functions in Vufind are self-explanatory.

Try to combine different elements in 'Advanced Search'.

The list you get can be further reduced

and ... various other options - Try!


This section offers further possibilities to filter information.

It includes a few peculiarities:

- 'Date of Data Input' allows you to get recent inputs.

- 'Empirical Works' provides a list of studies of specific community currencies.

- 'Non-Western Languages' is a special service for users from Japan and elsewhere - check for bibliographic information in your own language.


For some features of this bibliography you will need a password.

Please, get in touch with the General Editor.

Anything Missing?

With regard to sources not included in the databank there are two possibilities:

- They are not within the scope of this collection. Please refer to the 'principles' section of cc-literature.

- We haven't discovered them yet. We would be very grateful for a hint.

Any other problems?

Please get in touch with the General Editor.